Hi I'm Tony, welcome to my little bit of space...

I'm a wedding photographer and I live by the seaside in south Devon with my wife, Felicity, our two young daughters and Milly, she's the greying black lab whose growing old totally disgracefully.

A few things that work for me... rock climbing, a good sing, the smell of the sea and a little bit of politics. I value kindness and honesty, I enjoy a few minutes peace with a good coffee and I like to cook, preferably a good veggie Indian.

And a few things that don't... the school run, being thrashed by my daughter at Foosball repeatedly and ruthlessly, rides that go round and round, building Viking long boats, Facebook and writing about myself!


I've been shooting weddings for some years now and I've come to realise one or two things about photography and weddings.

On photography, I go for authenticity over perfection. What I love is capturing the truth, an unfiltered moment. I can absolutely appreciate and admire beautifully created images but for me it's about striving to find sincere emotion, feeling in a picture. Something real. When I capture emotion in a photo it takes on meaning, for me the image becomes more alive. That's what I aim for. That's what my photography is all about.

Regarding weddings, I've been privileged to witness and photograph many weddings over the years and there's no question that each one is a fantastic occasion. It's a day full of beauty, positivity and happiness. Yep there's a little stress and panic at times but they're all essential ingredients of the story.

What really grabs me about a wedding though is the fact that behind all the frills you have two people who are declaring their love for each other. Everything else that accompanies a wedding, the shoes, the outfits, the flowers, the venues and the details, they're all beautiful and part of the story but for me they are absolutely secondary to the fact that two people are getting married. When all is said and done it's about the love.