The question... how would you describe your style? It's an important one to ask.

The style of the photos and the approach of the photographer will probably be the overriding factor when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer.

I photograph weddings because I love photography, I love that in a photograph I can capture a flash of life, not only a record of an event and time but more importantly to me, a burst of emotion that can still evoke powerful feelings years later. A wedding, while not only brimming with energy and positivity, is jam-packed with these moments and they are raw and sincere and the simplicity and honesty of that is awesome. To me they are the truly beautiful moments of a wedding day.

Those moments can not be set up or arranged, those moments can not be manufactured. This determines my approach to photographing a wedding.

It's about observation. It's about being relaxed, it's about allowing you to relax and to just let things naturally unfold. It's about capturing rather than creating. It's about authenticity over perfection.

Those flashes of emotion come and go in an instant and to be able to see those I have to take a step back and simply observe. This means that I'm as hands off as I can realistically be. There are however, times when that's not entirely possible and I may for instance, if the situation allows, suggest moving into more favourable light, direct the family a when it comes to a group photo or guide the bride and groom a little during their portrait shoot if they are feeling a little uncomfortable but this I keep to the barest minimum as I prefer to just let you be together, be yourselves and to capture the love that flows from that. My belief is that my role is to document your wedding day as it is.

So after all that I'd say that my style is organic and sincere, it's about the authenticity of the moment

Regarding the style of my photographs... My photographs stand above all else on their content and that content is a reflection of my approach and beliefs as a wedding photographer.

The style in which they are processed is very much a personal preference. I favour high contrast film style black and white images and bold true to life yet slightly dark and moody colours. This style remains consistent throughout all of my images.